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My Hideaway

"Every day seems to feel the same. They just don't care."

5 May
Hey-lo there, Well I am Sophie and this is my livejournal (if you hadn't already noticed.) To a few people I am known as Soph, Sophikins, Batgirl, Bitch and other un-repeatable names, you choose which one you want to call me.

While here please respect the fact that I am human (I know thats debateable) and I have feelings, there is alot of sensitive stuff about me in this journal and well if you are reading this that means I trust you because not many people know about this place.

Anyway on to the stuff about me!
I am 16 years of age, female, with long brown hair (very long), green eyes, about 5ft3. I am a music fanatic. I love McFly and Busted and have the biggest crush on Dougie Poynter (not many of you would know that though). Other bands I'm into are Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, Jamie Cullum and others.I pretty much into any type of music except garage, Rap, and dance. Pop, Rock and Jazz is more my style.

I'm a college student, singer, actress, dancer. Well I think that's all you'll want to know for now. Enjoy!