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"If the music's no good then it's just too bad, we're gonna sing aong no matter what"

I think it's about time I update, it's been a week haha

I had my parent's evening this week and I got such a good report, I was surprised. Maja (music teacher) told me that I am a definate soprano (shock) and that she can see why I am nervous about performing in class, and that I may not have been classically trained like Robin and all them, but my commitment and effort shows through. My drama and dance teachers told me I was a "born performer" and my English teacher told me I was a "born writer." I was so suprised, it was such a confidence boost.

Friends - are an issue, if I can call them friends that is. Natalie hangs around with me in english, but as soon as Jay is on the scene I don't matter. I think I'll talk to Leah about it, and ask her for advice, she is lovely and so are her mates, I just don't want to seem like a moaning child. As Amy said (<3) I only have to put up with it til june then its starts again.

Oliver rehearsals are going fine and I can't wait til openning night

I'm off now, to watch Den get bumped of in Eastenders and critise the shit acting that goes on.
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